Hello!  Welcome to Greening Vermillion.  We are soon to be a non-profit organization in Vermillion, SD, whose mission will be to connect people and help make projects happen. What people and what projects, you ask?  You can take a few guesses from our logo.  Greening Vermillion is about supporting influences that make our community thrive. Literally, a green city influences the health of the environment while a green environment influences the health of a city.
We will be a clearinghouse for projects and people who want to help make Vermillion healthier, safer, smarter, richer, and current.  Long-time residents, farmers, university faculty and staff, students, business people, and government workers all have great ideas to smartly and responsibly grow the community.

The traditional values of resilience and community are coinciding with the latest scientific and social research. We will help connect the dots, compounding the resources and enthusiasm of the University of South Dakota with the passion and vigor of Vermillion residents.
We hope to positively effect education, energy, the environment, and the economy on a local level.  Everyone who understands this idea is
a member of Greening Vermillion.