Bring Your Bag

Did you know…

  • 8% of the world’s oil goes toward plastic production?

  • We use an estimated 1 trillion single-use plastic bags per year worldwide?

  • Typically discarded within 24 hours, single-use plastic bags have a lifespan of up to 1,000 years?

  • Millions of bags per year end up as litter on land and in the water?


Yet, there is an easy solution to these problems: Get reusable bags rather than single-use bags.

The vision of the Bring Your Bag campaign is to create a Vermillion free of plastic bags. The goals of the campaign are to:

  1. Encourage Vermillion area citizens, businesses, organizations, and governments to say NO to single-use plastic bags and YES to reusable bags.

  2. Make more people aware of the environmental impacts, available alternatives, and consumer incentives related to single-use plastic bags.

  3. Share accurate information related to Vermillion area bag use over time.

  4. Be effective, transparent, and inclusive in our process so Vermillion can be a model for other communities.


Simply join the Friends of Greening Vermillion by making a donation of $25 or more and receive your own reusable Greening Vermillion bag.

One of our local grocery stores has taken up the challenge to reduce plastic bags. The goal of the Hy-Vee Reusable Bag Program, launched in November 2019, is to make a difference in the communities where customers live and work. Each month, a local organization may receive a $1 donation every time a My Heart Reusable Bag is purchased for $2.50. For more information on the program, visit


AND, when you bring your own bags to Hy-Vee, you will get 5 cents back for each.