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Earth Days

Earth Day, April 22, every year around the world, is a celebration of our Earth and a call to action to protect it.  Earth Days, Vermillion’s extended celebration of Earth Day, is a community-wide series of events honoring the Earth. Our motto for Earth Days is Earth (Every) Day because we hope that Earth Days will foster an attitude of healthy living, responsible economic development, and sustainable environmental management throughout the year.

During 2014 Earth Days, planned by more than 30 organizations, hundreds of people participated in 15 events including K-12 students, local businesses, the University of South Dakota, and the broader community.  We continued Earth Days in 2015 and 2016 with even broader support and participation. 


Earth Days 2017 is coming right up! If you would like to get involved in organizing and participating in next year's Earth Days, please contact Meghann Jarchow (

Click on the "Earth Days 2017" tab above for more information about this year's festivities!

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