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Greening Vermillion launched Adopt-a-Drain, a stormwater-pollution awareness campaign, in the spring of 2016. The objectives of the campaign are to educate Vermillion area residents about nonpoint source pollution (pollution that enters our waters from any dispersed water-based or land-use activities) and effective ways to reduce rainwater-runoff pollution through green infrastructure projects. 

Vermillion’s stormwater drains lead directly into the Vermillion River and subsequently the Missouri River, carrying pollution and litter along the way. This stormwater-runoff pollution impacts fish and wildlife and their habitat as well as clean water for drinking, recreation, and the natural beauty of our community. 

Because many people believe that stormwater is purified, the centerpiece of this campaign is storm drain art, to remind the public as they walk and drive around town and see the colorful drains that all stormwater ends up in our rivers. Other campaign components include; public education on the problem of stormwater pollution and its solutions and public demonstrations on building both a rainwater-catchment system and a flow-through planter box. This campaign helps to show the public that even small efforts contribute to bigger planning goals for the community, creating a community objective to make green infrastructure common practice for homeowners and business owners alike.


Interested in participating this summer? Opportunities include designing and painting a new drain mural or sponsoring an artist to paint a drain.  Please submit this form to design and paint a mural! Please submit this form to sponsor an artist with a financial donation.

For more information about the Adopt-a-Drain campaign, please contact us.

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