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Friday, April 29, Earth Day, 9-11pm

Star Party at Spirit Mound

Spirit Mound

The stars are NOT aligned on April 29! 


Our 2022 Earth Days' Star Party at Spirit Mound, after being postponed, is now cancelled due to weather. 


But we're still holding out for some good luck. On Friday, August 12, the Perseid Meteor Shower will be streaking across the sky. We're hoping to meet at Spirit Mound around 9:00 pm to take it all in. Bring a chair or blanket and dress for the weather.


Please check local weather and cloud cover before driving out. 


Also, feel free to message Nick Lamkey through the Spirit Mound website:

If you are interested in joining or attending a group, please visit the website of the Honey Creek Observatory in O'Neill, Nebraska:

We'll have astronomers and a large telescope or two. Volunteers will point out your favorite constellations along the way to the top of the mound. Bring your binoculars and smart phone for new ways to stargaze. Yes, even binoculars can help you see stars and planets. Learn which night sky apps are the best and try them out on your phone.

Spirit Mound is 6 miles north of Vermillion on Highway 19. We encourage you to consider carpooling to Spirit Mound. If you need transportation to Spirit Mound, please contact Meghann Jarchow (

Thank you to the following who gave generously of their time, talent, and treasure:

James Hoefelmeyer, USD professor

Nick Lamkey, Tri-State Astronomy Club

Susanne Skyrm (for the photo below, which is a composite photograph of the Neowise comet and sunset)

Vermillion Rotary Club


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