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Earth Day Nationwide Super Screening: Common Ground

  • Location: Coyote Twin Theater (10 E Main St.)

  • Time: 7pm

  • Description: Come see Common Ground FREE at the Coyote Twin on Monday, April 22, as part of the nationwide super screening of this film. Common Ground is an award-winning sequel to the juggernaut success documentary Kiss the Ground. By fusing journalistic expose with deeply personal stories from those on the front lines of the food movement, Common Ground unveils a dark web of money, power, and politics behind hour broken food system. The film reveals how unjust practices forged our current farm system in which farmers of all colors are literally dying to feed us. It profiles a hopeful and uplifting movement of white, black, and indigenous farms who are using alternative "regenerative" models of agriculture that could balance the climate, save our health, and stabilize America's economy - before it's too late. Watch the trailer here!


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