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Household Hazardous Waste Collection 

  • Location: Missouri Valley Recycling Center (840 N. Crawford Rd.)

  • Time: 2-6pm

  • Description: Why can't you just throw household hazardous waste (HHW) away? Certain types of HHW, such as pesticides, can harm recycling or sanitation workers, contaminate septic tanks or wastewater treatment systems if poured down drains or toilets, and harm children and pets if left around the house. How do you know if something is hazardous? Read product labels for disposal directions to reduce the risk of products exploding, igniting, leaking, mixing with other chemicals, or posing other hazards on the way to a disposal facility. Even empty containers of HHW can pose hazards because of chemicals that might remain. Words such as "caution," "warning," "danger," or "flammable" on the label are clues the product may be a hazardous material. These items should be used, stored, and disposed of properly. There is a charge of $15 per vehicle for disposal of HHW.

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