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Our Favorite People

Tim Cowman

Natural Resources Administrator, SD Geological Survey & Faculty, USD Missouri River Institute. 

Work includes research on the geology and history of the Missouri River, with a focus on current and historical river geomorphology.

W. Carter Johnson

Chair of EcoSun Prairie Farms.

On a square-mile section of South Dakota farmland near Brookings, a few agricultural pioneers have challenged the status quo of growing annual grains by re-establishing and farming diverse mixtures of perennial grassland, the native vegetation of the region. They aim to demonstrate how to make a sustained and earned living from products produced on restored grassland while protecting and enhancing the natural environment.

Dave Swanson

Director of Research, Missouri River Institute and Professor of Biology

Research interests include ecological physiology, the evolution of physiological adaptation in animals (particularly vertebrates), and ornithology.

Local and State
National and International

Frances Moore Lappé

Small Planet Institute focuses on solutions: From the crisis of needless hunger to that of democracy itself, they offer evidence-based, life-serving frames of understanding that enable us to perceive and join in solutions emerging all around us. Learn about her recent work, EcoMind: Changing the Way We Think, To Create the World We Want.

Dr. Sandra Steingraber

Dr. Steingraber is an internationally known biologist, author, cancer survivor, and environmental advocate.  She writes about climate change, ecology, and the links between human health and the environment. See her film, Living Downstream.

Aldo Leopold

Aldo Leopold, called by some the father of wildlife conservation in the U.S., was an author, philosopher, scientist, ecologist, forester, conservationist, environmentalist, and founder of the Wilderness Society. He is best known for his book A Sand County Almanac, which has sold more than two million copies.

Gro Harlem Brundtland

Serves as UN Special Envoy on Climate Change, seeking ways to balance human enterprise and the planet’s limits. The guiding force behind the “Brundtland Report” on sustainability in 1987, she maintains her focus on the developmental impact of climate change and global warming.

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